Thomastown East Reserve

Thomastown East Reserve

With the assistance of sub-consultants Ecological Engineering Pty Ltd and in consultation with Melbourne Water, Laycock and Jaquet devised a design that retrofitted a portion of the neighbouring Thomastown East estate with WSUD elements aimed at water conservation design and improvement of water quality.
In order to do this, the site was graded to maximise the use of rainwater by directing available runoffs to grass and garden beds.
All paths were flanked on the upper side by swales filled with gravel and agricultural drains to redirect the runoffs to adjacent revegetation areas.

All available stormwater from the estate’s hard surfaces was captured in a new wetland on an old quarry site. Careful consideration was given to the sizing of the wetland to reflect the relatively small water catchment and thus minimising algal bloom and mosquito breeding. The wetland provides both flood management and essential treatment of urban water contaminants before being discharged into Darebin Creek.

This project demonstrates that both retrofitting WSUD elements and treating small catchments are well worth tackling and, if sized correctly and designed well, modest wetlands can have a marked and positive impact on the environment and the community.

Thomastown East Reserve

Whittlesea City Council

Thomastown , VIC

11 Ha

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