Florence Jaquet Landscape Architect was engaged by VicUrban as part of the redevelopment of the old TAFE site into a 100 lot residential estate adjacent to Paterson River Country Club. Significant indigenous heath and large established Coastal Banksia trees adorn the site and were retained as part of the four local parks within the estate.

The main open space acts as a retarding basin and bio-retention pond mitigating and treating surrounding run-offs in storm events. Small WSUD (Water Sensitive Urban Design) swales in the nature strips treat the run-offs from the estate before they enter the main bio-retention basin which has been purposely designed using an angular and very contemporary layout showcasing that WSUD does not need to be naturalistic in appearance.
Bonbeach “Boutique” Residential estate
Vic Urban
Bonbeach, VIC
Consultancy Type
Part of a multi-disciplinary team