Our company was entrusted with the Masterplan of both the east and west Ulaanbaatar cemeteries, the first private cemeteries in Mongolia.
The “New Mind Group LLC” established their sites in 2012 and 2007 respectively, laying them out in a traditional grid pattern around a central Buddha figure. Unhappy with the result and the barren landscape, they sought guidance for improvements.
After experiencing the funeral procedures and understanding their cultural and religious beliefs, we were able to workshop the solutions with their staff and generate a landscape masterplan which responds to the harsh environment (40 C in summer and minus 35 C in winter) and the restricted plant palette of a 1500m altitude.
It became one of the most fulfilling projects of our practice, working with one the most spiritual and welcoming culture in the world.
East and West cemeteries, Mongolia
New Mind Group LLC
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
2 Ha each
Consultancy Type
First in Mongolia