With the decision to drain an existing unsightly water storage pond, the Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust determined to develop the area for prestige semi-monumental lawn graves and incorporate a creek system. We saw an opportunity for the first WSUD project to be implemented in accordance with our previous Stormwater management Strategy in this large cemetery. (refer Fawkner Cemetery Masterplan, the first cemetery Stormwater Management Plan in Victoria) .
The project included enhancing views to an existing creek, the development of a new ephemeral creek and the layout out of ornamental (not just functional) garden beds and burial plots. The ephemeral creek was designed to retain small water bodies along its route that would act as the end filtration device for storm water run-offs emanating for the future Northern Memorial Park extension.
Vehicular and pedestrian bridges were designed and located to provide effective connections to existing roads and paths while promoting views across the various water elements.
This is the most popular area in NMP, a claim we are proud of and attribute to the aesthetics, attention to detail and our understanding of the psychology behind the grieving process.

Edendale Northern Memorial Park


Fawkner, VIC


Consultancy Type
Lead- Small multi-disciplinary

First WSUD project implemented at Fawkner Cemetery