We felt that a stormwater Management strategy was essential to the understanding of the site’s potential together with soil science and ecological assessments.
The cutting-edge water sensitive urban design (The first Stormwater Management Plan of its kind in a cemetery) played a major part in the development of the masterplan for the Northern Memorial Park extension. The complete road layout was designed as a system for the collection and filtration of storm water.
Major axial roads will have wide medians both to become way-finding landmarks and act as large water filtration devices; secondary roads will incorporate car parking and avenue trees planted which capitalise on road run-off.
A simple and easily understood circulation system, in contrast with the somewhat convoluted pattern in the existing southern section, was a major objective, as was the retention of all remnant and ancient River Red Gums.
New trees were placed to strengthen existing character areas, for example, randomly near the existing Redgums and in lines near the more recently planted farm wind breaks. The burial sections were designed with lawn plots flanking the major roads and monumental plots at the perimeter, helping to retain expansive views throughout the site.
Northern Memorial Park Masterplan
Fawkner Crematorium and Memorial Park Trust (now GMCT)
Fawkner , VIC
52 Ha
Consultancy Type
Lead- Small multi-disciplinary team
First cemetery Stormwater Management Plan