This design not only respond to the basic function of a cemetery, it also takes it into a new dimension, one where cemeteries can be considered as public open spaces with therapeutic qualities, a belief we have long held and promoted.
Due to the complex stormwater issues underlying the project, the FJLA team enrolled the services of Stormwater Specialist, Val Mag, to fully understand the constraints and opportunities generated by the steep and deep dams, the structural integrity of the dam walls and the erosion damage on the downstream creek in storm events. Armed with that knowledge and with our experience in cemetery issues, our design provided a creative solution with immense potential for safe and well presented interments.
A range of products was offered to suit clienteles with low and high incomes, with difference cultural backgrounds and expectations. The visitor’s experience drives the proposal, whether grieving or simply jogging through or walking the dog. As in a public park, the site is adorned with a variety of sculptural elements, all of which have a potential for memorialisation. The “working” dams can now function as ” water-treating” wetlands, compliant with Melbourne Water’s strict guidelines.
Water has now become the main attraction as opposed to a source of problems. Memorialisation on the water, an option never seen before, can now be available in the form of giant water lilies.
Any structures of utilitarian nature such as bridges, boardwalks, bird hide and seats are offered as well designed, sculptural pieces with interment potential.

Springvale Botanical Cemetery Design Competition

Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

Springvale , VIC

9 Ha

Consultancy Type
Competition short list

Winning entry