Laycock and Jaquet were appointed a cemetery specialist and Masterplanners for the siting and design of a multi-religious Memorial Park in the new administrative capital of Putrajaya.
Within the overall Memorial Park, five main cemeteries needed to be accommodated: Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and General/others, which represent the main religions practiced in Malaysia.
This led to a comprehensive analysis of the site and research into the diverse religious and cultural beliefs of each faith in order to produce a sensitive Masterplan.
The project involved proposals for access and circulation, burial and memorial gardens, site planning for buildings, development of a site identity and creation of landmarks within this large site.
A business report detailing tenure concepts, development and staging of the cemetery as a viable institution for this diverse community was also produced.
Upon approval of the Masterplan, our scope extended to the Design Development of the first stage of implementation for each “stand-alone” cemeteries. Documentation and Contract Administration was carried out under our guidance by the local team.ying burial spaces with no visible headstones, to minimise visual impact.

Taman Selatan Memorial Park

Putrajaya Corporation

Putrajaya, Malaysia

160 Ha

Consultancy Type
Part of an International team (HK, Malaysia, Australia)