This new high density development on the edge of Royal Park offers great landscape potential in the form of an internal communal courtyard and numerous private roof-top terraces. The site is moderately steep across its diagonal marking grading a complex issue. A large Jacaranda exists on the southern boundary and every effort was made to relocate it in a prime position within the central space, under the expert advice of Established Tree Transplanters. Borrowing from the neighbouring Royal Park landscape, the internal courtyard consists of decking, elevated above a precious landscape of grasses, ground covers and Eucalyptus trees. Our proposal also includes the provision of large water tanks below ground, collecting roof run-offs for individual internal reuse. All Open Space run-offs are collected in tanks below an ephemeral creek and re-used for irrigation of all communal spaces.
Townhouses and central courtyard
Acer Capital P/L
Parkville , Melbourne, VIC
17 triple storey townhouses
Consultancy Type
Sub-consultant- Large multi-disciplinary team