Working in collaboration with Crone Architects, this high density development exudes good design principles and strong themes. The landscape treatment is reflective of the existing streetscape and character of the area, taking inspiration from its historically industrial landscapes as well as its hard- working and resilient people. The key feature of the development is its first floor courtyard where the landscape objective is to foster community spirit and promote interaction between residents with its “edible” theme.

The roof planting appears to grow out of openings through the timber deck, offering patches of green spaces in strategic location. At night, the perforated coreten strips within the deck will let light shine through, giving a poetic, non- glaring and subtle lighting effect, particularly visible from the upper levels.

Along the street frontage, and as art of the Urban Art Contribution, a number of coloured light boxes are positioned at each townhouse’s entrance, creating a unique urban night image.

Townhouses and roof garden

Acer Capital P/L

Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne, VIC

17 multistorey townhouses

Consultancy Type
Sub-consultant- Large multi-disciplinary team