The practice is involved in various aspects of landscape architecture, particularly masterplans, site planning, landscape and urban design.



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Cemeteries and Memorials
Cemeteries are emotive places: Our role is to provide healing landscapes where grief can take its course and when solace can be found. The park-like settings, the inclusion of artwork and the understanding of the grief process all contribute towards providing a space for healing.
Cemeteries have a finite useful life, yet they can remain in perpetuity depending your country/state of origin and religion: Our role is to ensure their sustainability by designing them with a purpose which goes beyond a place of mourning.
Cemeteries tend to be physically and emotionally isolated from the broader community they serve:
Our role is integrate them into the community, bring them back into the social focus and ramp up the discussion about death to break down this taboo subject.

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Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)*

Since its introduction in Australia at the turn of the new Millennia, we have integrated stormwater
into our projects wherever possible. This was a logical progression from the environmentally aware landscapes of Florence’s native Switzerland where “Bio/environmental engineering” has been the norm for decades.
We relish the opportunity to bring some stormwater run-offs to the surface, creatively integrate them into landscape features and passively irrigate our landscape.
Our passion for WSUD has led us to participate in the founding of the Stormwater Industry association of Victoria and to forging long-term relationships with Stormy Water Solutions, a leader in the field.


Our interest also extends to creating vision and strategic documents which help guide development and urban design. These offer interesting challenges: the analysis of all issues, finding creative, practical and sustainable solutions and compiling them into a concise and clear document.
Our previous work includes a number of strategies: the first Lighting strategy in Australia, for all of Melbourne’s Parks and Gardens, Public Art, Interpretation and a number of Signage Strategies.

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