Jan 2022

“We welcome Richard, our newest staff member, a senior landscape architect with decades of experience in WA and VIC.”

Jan 2021

We welcome Sepideh, our newest staff member, a landscape architect from Iran with a decade of overseas experience.

Dec 2020

Ola’s strong interest in resilient cities and research has led her to commence the study in a Graduate Certificate in Disaster Risk Reduction. This program is delivered through CIFAL Newcastle, a United Nations training centre with a focus on disaster resilience and sustainable development (hosted at the University of Newcastle).

She completed the program with great success and is now capable of conducting disaster risk evaluations and guiding the subsequent development of disaster risk mitigation and management strategies.

Dec 2020

FJLA celebrates the milestone of 75 cemetery projects for over 40 clients making the practice an unsurpassed specialist in cemetery planning and design.


Macarthur Memorial Park model project